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Uses of Mexican Natural Vanilla

The Mexican Natural Vanilla is one of the most emblematic fruits of our country. It has been present in Mexican cuisine and herbalism since ancient times and its use around the world has positioned Mexico as the fourth-largest producer of Vanilla worldwide.

Thanks to the Spanish conquest, this natural resource that at first only occurred in Mexican lands began to spread around the world. Revolutionizing the pharmaceutical, culinary, and cosmetic industry thanks to vanilla’s innumerable uses and properties.

vainilla diferentes usos

Uses in Pre-Hispanic Mexico.

At first, vanilla was used by the Aztecs and Totonacas for medicinal and gastronomic purposes, as it could be used to relieve pain and some discomfort even to flavor some cocoa drinks, foods, and traditional liquors. In the same way, it came to be used as an offering and currency from the Totonacs to the Aztecs.


Vanilla in Health.

By tradition, Mexican Natural Vanilla has been used as a medicine against discomfort and as a healing element for wounds. Thanks to its natural characteristics, it has great healing properties.

The traditional Mexican vanilla is used to eliminate stomach upsets, headaches, muscle aches, as an analgesic and as a stimulant or antidepressant. Similarly, it is worth mentioning that vanilla can also be used as a sexual stimulant.

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We can say that confectionery is the branch in which the use of this plant is most required because, for several centuries, it has been the main ingredient in different recipes for cakes, cookies, desserts, and others.

Although we do not leave aside the traditional food, because there are some recipes that, without belonging to the pastries, make use of natural vanilla, playing with its sweet and perfumed flavor with ingredients such as chili and some fruits.

Vanilla desserts

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Drinks with Vanilla.

There are different recipes for vanilla drinks that you can make at home that do not require significant effort or a high cost. From smoothies and milkshakes to natural fruit waters that you can combine with the sweet taste of natural vanilla.


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It has been thanks to the need to continue using this ingredient in different cuisines around the world, that the cultivation of Mexican Vanilla and its reproduction has been replicated around the world, resorting to processors and synthetic derivatives of vanilla, leaving aside the tradition and richness of this.

Vanilla Natural Gourmet, offers the consumer a new world of opportunities to enjoy your desserts with the essence and flavor characteristic of traditional Mexican vanilla.

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