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Spring Huichol Spirituality 

Mexico is a mega diverse country thanks to the contribution of its indigenous peoples, who have their own artistic manifestations, language, traditions and beliefs, which together make up the cultural heritage. 

Within these manifestations of indigenous peoples, Huichol Art occupies an important place, as it has unique and innovative features that have captured the attention of the international community.  


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arte huichol cinco soles

What is Huichol Art?  

A majestic work of art! The Huichol are handmade art pieces made with tiny “chaquiras” beads of different colors, which when mixed create amazing combinations and figures that represent patterns, animals, people or millenary stories. They also represent the 4 elements that exist in the world: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  

Each piece of art is unique, since they are handmade by Huichol artisans, who combine different pieces and colors, as well as techniques inherited from their ancestors.  

arte huichol significado cinco soles

Origin and Symbolism of Huichol Art. 

Huichol Art has its origin in the Riviera Nayarit, currently known as the treasure of the Mexican Pacific. When the indigenous people of the communities that inhabit the highlands, captured through art, the cosmovisions that the shamans had, having the spirit as the main source of inspiration.  

Likewise, it could be said that the Huichol world is divided into 3 universes: the mythological, where it is based that life has its origins in the ocean; the corn, where daily life and Huichol traditions are carried out; and mysticism, where the magical combination of rituals is created to give identity.  

cinco soles arte huichol

Where to buy Huichol Art in the Riviera Maya?  

Currently, there are institutions dedicated to the protection and support of the Huichol culture, since it represents an important part of our country, its history and customs. Likewise, we can contribute to the continuation of this tradition by buying these handicrafts and paying a fair price. 


That is why when you buy at any of the Los Cinco Soles branches, you support the talented artisans who are dedicated to the elaboration of these beautiful pieces. 


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