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Xtabentún: a Mayan Nectar 

Discover all about this drink full of culture and tradition!  

Maya culture is full of history and tradition, which is reflected in their clothing, food and drinks, where Xtabentún steals the show as it is known as the elixir of the Maya. Read on and discover all about this mystical Maya drink from the Yucatán Peninsula!  


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What is Xtabentún? 

You may have heard that in Mexico there is a great variety of liqueurs, well, Xtabentún belongs to this category.  

This alcoholic beverage is prepared with honey nectar extract from the Xtabentún flower, a wild flower from the Mayab, which translated from Mayan means “Flower that grows on the stone”. 

Its flavor is very sweet, with light touches of anise with intense aroma, which is the product of a natural fermentation of low alcoholic content, which makes it the ideal drink to enjoy during your visit to Cancun or the Riviera Maya.   

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How to drink Xtabentún? 

The main function of Xtabentún liqueur is digestive, as it helps to a great extent, to digest correctly the spicy food of the region.  

There are many different ways to drink it, here are our favorites:  

– Accompanied by coffee.   

– Prepared as a margarita.  

– On the rocks. 

– As a daiquiri.  


Where to buy Xtabentún?  

Undoubtedly, Xtabentún is a drink that you must try during your visit to the Mexican Caribbean. 

Currently, you can find several presentations whose price varies between $150-$600 MXN ($8-$30 USD) and if you want to take it as a souvenir to share with your family or friends, you can buy it in any of the stores of Los Cinco Soles. Visit us!  


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