Over three decades ago, Don Pancho Morales and his wife Doña Sharon, decided to settle down in the romantic island of Cozumel. Doña Sharon, who always admired and respected Mexican artisans and jewelers, started a small shop in one of the first hotels on the island, and Los Cinco Soles was born.

After 30 years of traveling all over Mexico, building relationships, and supporting hundreds of artisans, Los Cinco Soles is now considered as the “Best Destination Shop in the World”.

Handcrafts, silver jewelry and souvenirs are proudly displayed in the restored hacienda where Los Cinco Soles Flagship Store in Cozumel stands. In the interior gardens, you can enjoy “Great Mexican Food, and Awesome Margaritas” at Pancho’s Backyard Restaurant.

Amazing shopping, Authentic Mexican food in an exceptional environment, combine to create an unique cultural experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

"Telling Mexico’s story through art, handcraft, & jewelry for over thirty years"