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Tips for preserving your handcrafted silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry is one of the most delicate and special elements in the world of jewelry. Since from its manufacture we can measure the quality of each piece, in addition to the incredible design. Just for this reason, it is important to take into account the care and delicacy with which these pieces must be treated.  

We know that during our day-to-day we can expose our fine silver pieces to different agents that can damage it, that is why we tell you how to clean your silver items and some tips you can follow to keep your silver in the best conditions. 

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Myths about silver cleaning. 

There are several home remedies and recipes that promise to leave your silver in the best possible condition such as cleaning them with baking soda, alcohol, acetone, and even everyday detergent soaps. 

These processes may give the appearance of working and leaving your silver as good as new, but the reality is that several of these agents can corrode your pieces and damage them. 

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How to clean my silver jewelry?  

There are different methods to clean your handmade silver jewelry without damaging it. Here are two methods that work and help preserve your jewelry.  

Silver cleaners:  

This is the quintessential and most viable option to clean your handcrafted silver jewelry, as these products are designed to clean and shine your pieces without damaging them.   

You can buy your silver cleaners in any specialized store or jewelry store.  

Clean with water and neutral soap:  

Using these two components to clean silver jewelry are one of the most recommended options by silverware experts. To perform this cleaning process it is necessary to follow all the steps and have both ingredients as specified. In this case, the order of the factor does  affect the product!  

1. Prepare a container with warm water and neutral soap.  

Why not another type of soap? Because detergent soaps contain chemicals that can ruin jewelry enamel.  

2. Soak your jewelry in the water for 10 minutes and then dry with an absorbent cloth.  

3. Dry your jewelry thoroughly and store it separately in a cloth or plastic bag and put it in your jewelry box.  

The bag will help prevent your jewelry from being accidentally scratched or damaged by rubbing against other jewelry in your jewelry box.  

We recommend avoiding some of these things to keep your silver jewelry in optimal condition:  

  1. Cleaning your pieces with toothpaste: the chemical agents it contains can be harmful to silver.  
  2. Keeping your pieces in wooden jewelry boxes: since this material may contain some natural acids that can damage the jewelry.  
  3. Exposure to pulls or shocks: this can weaken the links of your chains or even burst them.  
  4. Using detergent soaps or being exposed to grease, chlorine, and perfumes for a long time.  
  5. Not cleaning your jewelry regularly: this can wear out your pieces and give them a dirty and neglected appearance.  
  6. Keep your jewelry away from the shower, seawater, and sweat. These agents can help the oxidation of your silver pieces.  

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