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The 5 most traditional Mexican toys

Mexico is a country very rich in culture and traditions, love and its history have been expressed through many means such as dances, gastronomy, customs, and not least, through Mexican toys. 

Traditional toys are a sample of the creativity and ingenuity of Mexican artisans, who have created unique pieces through time that reflect the culture and history of Mexico. The beauty of Mexican toys is that they are handmade, making them an excellent work of craftsmanship, made of natural materials such as wood, clay, and cloth. 

Each and every one has its charm, but here we tell you which are the 5 most popular and representative of Mexican culture.

The rag doll

Mexican traditional rag doll

This doll is the most famous worldwide because it is a great handcrafted representation of Mexican culture. It has its origin in the Mazahua region of the State of Mexico and is characterized by its multiple colors and above all, the ribbons in her hair.

Nowadays, these Mexican dolls are not only toys, they are also considered a work of art due to the creativity and skill to make them. They are handmade with colorful fabrics and each doll is unique and special. Traditional Mexican rag dolls have great cultural value as they represent the history and traditions of Mexico.

The trompo

The trompo is one of the most popular toys in Mexico. It consists of a small cone-shaped wooden object that is spun on its tip using a string. This toy is fun and challenging because tricks can be performed while it keeps spinning. Mexican children have played with spinning tops for generations and it has become a symbol of identity.

The balero

Handmade balero

The balero is very representative of Mexican culture, its shape and design vary according to the region where it is made and played. It consists of a small wooden ball or barrel with a hole in the center attached with a string to a wooden stick. The objective is to catch the barrel with the wood stick, it may sound easy, but it requires a lot of practice, patience, dexterity, and, above all, care because it is common to get hit while trying to do it.

There is evidence that in the Mayan empire a native game was played very similar to balero, where it is believed that instead of a wooden barrel, human skulls were used.

The Yo-yo

The Mexican handmade yo-yo has been a popular toy for many generations, handmade by artisans using traditional techniques and materials such as wood and leather. Generally, they have unique designs and vibrant colors that represent Mexican culture. 

Unlike modern yo-yos, Mexican handmade yo-yos do not have bearings or ball bearings to assist in spinning, instead, a special technique is used in their manufacture to create a perfect balance and long-lasting spin.


Mexican lottery

The Mexican lottery is a very famous and fun game, it is not strictly speaking a toy, but it is part of Mexico’s handmade entertainment and it is the best known in the world. This game consists of cards and a deck of cards with images of Mexican objects and characters very representative of the culture. The objective is to fill the cardboard with chips according to how the images appear in the deck that another player, known as “el gritón”(because this person must say the name of the image out loud) shows, so the first one to fill the cardboard shouts “Lottery! declaring himself the winner.

Although there are many variations of the lottery around the world, the Mexican lottery has become a characteristic element of Mexican culture thanks to its images and its constant presence in celebrations, fairs, and in Mexican homes. It is a game that brings people together because of its simplicity, young and old can play it.

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Traditional toys are an important part of Mexican culture and have been a source of entertainment and learning throughout history. Today, it is feared that one of the challenges facing these toys is the competition with modern toys, especially electronic toys. Thanks to the artisans and communities that are in charge of preserving this tradition, we can still enjoy their beauty and variety.

Mexican toys are a cultural legacy and their importance has been transmitted around the world. Find the most representative ones at Los Cinco Soles and take a little piece of Mexico with you.


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