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Terno Yucateco, identity and charm of the Yucatan Peninsula.

When we talk about culture it is impossible that Yucatan does not come to mind; its delicious food, colonial buildings, picturesque villages, archaeological sites and of course, its traditional clothing, are faithful witnesses of the incredible cultural heritage that this beautiful place contributes to Mexican culture.  

Speaking specifically of the Yucatecan Terno, it is one of the most representative elements of the culture of the southeast. Its tradition dates back to colonial times and is one of the best preserved cultural vestiges of the area.  

In this blog you will discover more about this element of Mexican culture, read on and be amazed!

Conoce el tradicional terno yucateco

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Learn about the history of the traditional Yucatecan Terno. 

Considered one of the most beautiful and elegant traditional costumes in Mexico, the Yucatecan terno is the living identity of the Yucatecan culture. In every embroidery, detail, or dress you can find a fascinating story.  

The origins of the terno date back to the time of the conquest, specifically to the first European settlements in the peninsula, as the Spaniards were fascinated with the fabrics and the type of cloth with which the Mayans made their garments. So they quickly began to work on trying to adapt the European fashion to these garments, giving rise to the formal terno. 

What are the parts of the traditional Yucatecan terno? 

As its name indicates, the traditional Yucatecan terno is composed of three parts:  


The doublet is one of the most representative pieces of this costume. It consists of a square-shaped lapel that rests above the shoulders and reaches below the chest.  

This element is adorned with colorful floral embroidery, highlighting the cultural richness of the state. A rather curious fact about the Jubón is that, at first, the piece was plain, but derived from the colonial era, some nuns opted to adapt a European style to this garment with embroidery.  


This piece corresponds to the middle part of the Terno and is used above the Fustán. The traditional length of this garment goes from the neck to the knees. It is made of silk cotton and linen, making it a very fresh, loose and comfortable piece.  

Leaving aside the terno, Yucatecan women usually wear this item as an everyday garment. So it is quite normal to see women, of all ages, wearing dresses or blouses inspired by this element.  


This is the last of the elements that make up the Yucatecan Terno and corresponds to the bottom part of the costume. This half-bottom piece is placed underneath the huipil, just at hip height, and goes down to the ankles or at floor level. Normally the Fustán is made from cross stitch.  


The accessories that adorn and complement the Yucatecan huipil are varied, but there are some elements that must be present. To begin with, since colonial times it has been customary to use a shawl draped over the shoulders, which goes over the back and reaches the hands. Also, an element that cannot be missing is the gold filigree rosary.  

In addition to these elements, the traditional dress can be accompanied with earrings, necklaces, chains and gold bracelets. Likewise, elements such as flowers can be used for the headdress.  

Accesorios y elementos terno yucateco

National Huipil Day in Mexico. 

In order to preserve the huipil, a symbol of the Mayan culture, on February 21 it was announced through the Official Gazette of the Federation that on March 7 the “Day of the Huipil” would be celebrated nationwide. 

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