Coveted by kings.
Flaunted by queens.

Mexican silver jewlery has been the stuff of legends throughout history.  Pure .925 silver handcrafted by generations of silversmiths, whos talent has been passed down throughout five centuries as well as  the best jewelry designers thoughout the country are represented in our galleries.

Unique Designs

Silver is in itself a precious possession, but in the hands of experienced and creative minds, it becomes an object with heart and significance. Every designer represented in our stores imprints this in their work, transforming silver into jewels and treasures. 

¡Look for the stamp!

The Authentic Mexican Sterling Silver is 925.


How can you know if the silver you are buying is “real” silver? Look for the .925 stamp.
This is the guarantee that your purchase is Sterling grade. All of our silver jewelry has this stamp.

Every piece in our silver collection is .925, hand- made, beautiful and valuable. 
Each will make a magnificent gift for you or someone you treasure.

Browse through our exclusive silver collection and find the one that speaks to you.

Permanent Care

You can count on free polishing service for every piece you purchase at our stores, every time you visit.

Mexican by origin, world class in quality

Spanish conquerors noticed the value and quality of the silver in this new land, which is not surprising if we consider that original cultures were already skilled in jewelry crafting. During the turbulent times of the fall of the Aztec empire precious metal working almost halted, only to return in the colonial era with a new spirit, a mixture of new ideas and styles with ancestral echoes of the original themes. It is in the 1700’s when vast and rich silver deposits were discovered in a small town that, since then, is renowned across the world: Taxco. The pieces that you can acquire with us all have this heritage, for our designers trace their roots to this legendary place.

Silver is like your smile, lovelier when it shines

It is amazing that exquisite silver pieces are so easy to keep shiny and looking like new. Maybe it is because the artisan has already done the hard work, maybe It is because silver is such a noble metal. Whatever the reason, the good news is that keeping your silver jewels in pristine condition does not require anything special, just your time and your hands. Silver likes to be caressed to be beautiful.

  • If you find some tarnish in your jewelry, use a microfiber cloth to gently rub it with wide strokes. Avoid using the same part of the cloth as it might accumulate impurities and spread the tarnish instead of cleaning it. You can use a special silver cleaner, but soapy water can do the job. Just make sure you dry the piece thoroughly before storing it in a safe and dry place, ideally not in direct sunlight.


However, it is best to prevent

  • It is true that silver is not affected by water, but nowadays almost all the water we use has some sort of chemical that can tarnish it or even wear it down. Keep your silver away from pools, showers, tubs and lotions or fragrances. It is quite possible that any of these will eclipse the silver luster.
  • Wear your jewels just before you are ready to go out, this way you won´t expose it to make up, sprays or other beauty supplies that may stain it.
  • Do not use it while doing common household chores such as dishwashing or cleaning as some fumes can tarnish it.

Original Designs

The combination of modern trends and ancient history.


Mexican jewelry brand founded in 1989 by Oscar Figueroa, Mexican artist and designer.

His design and craft techniques highlights Mexican culture and traditions in creative and elegant pieces suitable for everyday.

Every piece comes with a certificate that guarantee that you are acquiring a designer silver piece made of .925 Sterling silver, handmade by expert silversmiths in the artist’s workshop in Taxco, Mexico.

Eva Carrillo

Proudly Mexican, from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Eva Carrillo has inherited the love and knowledge from her family, she grew among silversmiths, polishing materials, pliers, metal, and stones.

If you love nature, you will find something for you since every piece is a celebration of life and the joy of making dreams come true. Her works are like the flowers that by giving its essence fulfill its purpose.

Every jewel by Eva Carrillo shows the .925 seal, which guarantees that you have acquired a piece made of Sterling grade silver.

Island Crystals

Bright colors and imagination: the distinctive seal of Island Crystals silver jewelry. Its designs, completely handmade, merge bright and beautiful materials such as pearls and decorative crystals with Sterling grade Mexican silver, resulting in sparkling jewels resembling a treasure found in a marine adventure.