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Popular Mexican Handcrafts

Mexico is a country with great cultural diversity, which is reflected in its handcrafts made by local artisans. Discover the most popular ones!


Today, Mexico shines internationally for its culture, customs and traditions, which are reflected in its handcrafts.


Wonderful works of art, usually handmade with great detail and dedication by local artisans. Each of these crafts reflect the identity of the country, as well as cultural traits, in order to create unique and eye-catching pieces, such as alebrijes or elegant pieces ideal for gifts, such as handmade jewelry.


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That’s why below, we present 4 typical Mexican handcrafts, so that on your next trip you can purchase them.


1. Talavera type pottery.


Talavera Mexican Handcrafts


The favorite of foreigners! Talavera pottery or better known as Talavera Poblana, has its origin in the state of Puebla during the time of the Spanish conquest.  It consists of beautiful ceramic pieces made by local artisans, who fused the best of European culture and art with Mexican features.


These pieces of fine ceramic ware are characterized by being genuinely decorated with a characteristic bluish tone and particular designs, which attract the gaze of hundreds of tourists.


Currently, Talavera can be appreciated in different pieces, such as: plates, vessels, bowls, decorations and more.


2.         Alebrijes.


Alebrijes Mexican Handcrafts


Alebrijes are another popular craft in Mexico and consist of original pieces of clay, ceramic or wood that represent imaginary beings, that is to say, animals mixed among various species.


This craft has become very popular, as there is a belief that each Alebrije functions as a spiritual protector for its owner. Get these exotic pieces at Los Cinco Soles!


3. Silver Jewelry.


Silver Jewerly Mexican Handcrafts


In Mexico, jewelry has become an extremely indispensable activity. Today, you can find a variety of beautiful pieces made of gold, amber, jade or silver, the latter being a very demanded material.


Currently, you can find different pieces of this high quality material, such as earrings, chains, bracelets and rings.


4.         Huichol Art.


Huichol Art Mexican Handcrafts


A Mexican emblem praised worldwide! Huichol art, more than a handcraft, has become part of the country’s cultural heritage, for its striking and extravagant designs.


Huichol art has its origins from ancestral times and generally portrays the images visualized by the shamans during the hikuri ritual, which also have a lot of urban legends.


You can find a number of pieces decorated with tiny beads called chaquiras, which create colorful and special combinations.


Los Cinco Soles Riviera Maya: Mexican Handcrafts and Souvenirs.

The best of Mexico to your home! Remember that all these crafts can be found in our physical stores, located in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Merida and Progreso. We are waiting for you.

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