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Mexico’s Independence.

Mexican Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations in our country. Every September Mexico dresses in green, white, and red colors, its streets are filled with joy and are lived to the fullest thanks to the charm of this celebration. 

This year 2022 marks the 212th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence. This blog, tells us some interesting facts about this historic event.  

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History of Mexican Independence. 

Mexican Independence was a political-social conflict in which thousands of indigenous citizens joined forces and fought for the freedom of the New Spanish territory from the Spanish regime, resulting in an independent nation and the First Mexican Empire. 

This conflict derived from the political and social changes of the French intervention in Spain, in which Napoleon Bonaparte, managed to overthrow the monarchy and left his brother Joseph Bonaparte as the new King of Spain.  

With Bonaparte at the head of the Spanish Crown, several changes began to take place that in one way or another generated a crisis in New Spain, forcing the Viceroy de Garibay to declare the sovereignty of the New Spanish people before the new government.  

Between 1808 and 1810 there were several conflicts in the territory, which led a group of insurgents in the city of Querétaro to rise in arms during the dawn of September 16 at the cry of Dolores of the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who is considered the father of Mexico’s independence.  

This armed conflict lasted around 11 years, going through different stages in the struggle for the people’s freedom, led by great characters such as the priest José María Morelos, Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, Doña Leona Vicario, Vicente Guerrero, and Agustín de Iturbide.Padres de la independencia de

It was not until August 1821 that the war of independence came to an end thanks to the signing of the Treaties of Cordoba, a document that officially established the sovereignty of the American colonies from the Spanish Crown, establishing the “Mexican Empire”, a new moderate constitutional monarchy.  

In September of the same year, the Army of the Three Guarantees, led by Vicente Guerrero and Agustín de Iturbide, managed to displace the last settlements of peninsular Spaniards from the territory of New Spain, closing this chapter with its well-known triumphal entry into Mexico City on September 27.   

On September 28, 1821, the Act of Independence was officially signed, stating that the territory would become an independent nation and Agustín de Iturbide was elected to become Mexico’s first monarch.  

Although this confit officially ended in 1821, the Spanish Crown did not recognize Mexico as an independent nation until 1836, renouncing any interest in the national territory.


How is Independence Day celebrated in Mexico?  

Something that has always characterized Mexicans is that any occasion is perfect to have a big party and get together with their loved ones. Believe us, Independence Day is no exception.  

Throughout September, Mexicans decorate their homes, buildings, premises and public squares with tricolor elements or on the occasion of the national holidays. In addition, on September 15, it is customary to see people in the streets dressed up as one of the fathers of independence or with clothes of that time.  

Grito de Dolores. 

On a national level, since 1840 there has been a tradition of celebrating Independence Day in a big way, beginning in the early hours of September 15, Mexico City’s Zócalo becomes a real party, with various cultural presentations, bazaars, official events, and of course free concerts with Mexican artists of international stature.  

Just at 11:00 p.m., the President of Mexico goes out to the presidential balcony of the National Palace and gives the “Grito de Dolores”, which is nothing more than a representation of the shout given by Don Miguel Hidalgo to call for the armed uprising of the New Spanish people. 

This event takes place in each state of Mexico and is televised through national television networks. Grito de Independencia Zocalo CDMX

Military Parade.  

Finally, Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations conclude with a military parade in Mexico City on September 16. This parade gathers around 18 thousand elements of the Navy, the Mexican Army, the Air Force, and the National Guard for the parade route. 

This parade starts at 11:00 a.m. and goes through the main avenues of Mexico City, such as AV. 20 de noviembre, the Zócalo, Paseo de la Reforma, until arriving at Campo Marte. Desfile militar 16 de septiembre

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