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Mexican Silver Jewelry 

Silver represents the spirit of Mexico, discover more about this metal and why it is so valuable in the country!  

Today, when we hear the word Silver Jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind are the artistic creations handcrafted by jewelers from Taxco, Oaxaca and more.  

Through their jewelry collections they manifest the best of Mexican culture, creating unique and internationally recognized pieces. Read on to discover more!  


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los cinco soles mexican silver jewelry


History of Mexican Silver Jewelry.  

In ancient times, gold and silver were an abundant resource in Mexico, so pre-Hispanic cultures made their jewelry from this material, inspired by religious designs and themes.  

During the conquest, artisans of Spanish origin arrived in the area and instructed the indigenous Mexicans on the techniques and process of creating gold and silver jewelry. From this, Mexican artisans began a traditional process, which each year gives rise to particular silver pieces, with combinations, mixtures and styles unique to each region.  

Because of this, hundreds of international goldsmith artists have come to Mexico in order to learn about Mexican jewelry, the main point of attraction being the city of Taxco. This city is considered the cradle of Mexican Jewelry, since in the 20’s, this place had large silver deposits, which were exploited by Spaniards for centuries, to finally and after the independence of Mexico, use those silver mines in favor of the people of Taxco.  

los cinco soles mexican silver jewerly

Mexican Silver Jewelry.  

As we already mentioned, Taxco is considered the capital of Mexican Silver Jewelry, since over the years, very important goldsmith artists have emerged in this place, as well as high-end jewelry brands. In 1940 alone, the city had a compilation of more than 100 Mexican artists and goldsmiths.  

At present, Taxco is a very touristic place, since its main attraction is to celebrate the Mexican identity through different pieces of jewelry, so here you can find more than 1,000 stores dedicated to the sale of this jewelry, while in the rest of the country, you can find thousands more, dedicated to selling silver in its different forms.  

Such is the case of Los Cinco Soles, a store dedicated to the sale of Mexican crafts, which includes in its catalog, sculptural jewelry collection from Taxco, with pieces considered exclusive edition, to excite, captivate and give identity to those who choose to wear them. Find them here!  


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