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Fall in love with Mexican Talavera, a heritage tradition.

Mexican talavera is one of the most important and representative denominations of origin of our country worldwide. Discover the origins of this millenary craft with Los Cinco Soles. 


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What is Mexican Talavera?  

Mexican Talavera is an artisan process that arises from majolica ceramics, a technique that has its origins in Muslim craftsmanship.   

This technique was brought to our country from the region of Talavera de la Reina in Spain, the same city that continues to be (along with Mexico) one of the largest exhibitors of Talavera in the world. 


Vajilla artesanal talavera


Where does Talavera come from in Mexico?  

Talavera came to our country almost 500 years ago during the time of the Viceroyalty. There are several versions about the arrival of this process to our country, but one of the most recognized is that talavera is an inheritance of the Spanish monks who settled in New Spain, who transmitted it to the local artisans and began to work on this process, which was not very different from the ceramic and clay processes that were already used at the time.  

It was over the generations and by the middle of the 17th century that the artisans of New Spain began to give a new identity to talavera, based on the objects they made (tableware, tiles, plates, etc.), the patterns, their designs and the colors used to decorate these pieces, leading to what we know today as Mexican talavera.  

Currently, San Pablo del Monte, Cholula, Atlixco and Tecali are the main talavera producing regions in our country. 


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How to identify if my talavera piece is real? 

Thanks to the great popularity of this technique and its beautiful specimens, more and more products made of ceramic are being passed off as “authentic” handcrafted Talavera pieces. Discover how to easily tell the difference between an original and a copy.   

Many, or most, of the pieces are hand-engraved with the stamp of the factory where they were made, the signature of the artisan and a hologram that can authenticate their origin. In fact, factories specializing in this industry are obliged to carry out quality controls from time to time in order to have the distinction of being distributors of “original” Mexican talavera.  

And although it may seem strange, there are many “techniques” that talavera connoisseurs apply to recognize a true piece, such as the bell sound, which consists of striking the piece in question with a coin and it should sound as if you were ringing a bell with your hands.   

In the same way, you can tell by the shape of the piece and the details, because in many occasions the same heat of the kilns can make small modifications in the piece, so the details are essential when it comes to qualify as true or imitation talavera.  

Now that you know some characteristics of the talavera and its authentication, do not fall in deceptions! 


Tradicional talavera

Mexican Talavera, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  

In 2019 the meaning of the Mexican Talavera would take a new meaning when it would be recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a title shared by Mexico and Spain, since both countries joined and postulated this technique to the long list of goods that annually receives this international organization. 


Los Cinco Soles, the home of Mexican Talavera in the Southeast.  

At Los Cinco Soles you will find an endless number of items made with this precious ancestral technique. From vases, tableware, home decorations, outdoor items and many more things 100% handmade by our local artisans.  

Bring a little piece of Mexico to your home with Los Cinco Soles. 

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