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Benefits of Natural Mexican Vanilla

Mexican vanilla has an elaboration process that guarantees its quality and flavor, so you can obtain a great number of benefits from it.

Today, natural vanilla is a source of Mexican pride, as its success in the international market is due to its multiple nutritional and health benefits for those who consume it. Read on and discover all its benefits!

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Origin of Mexican Vanilla.

Natural vanilla has its origin in Mexico, specifically in the Totonaca region, where the inhabitants used it as an ingredient to give aroma to their recipes, as well as for medicinal and offering uses.

Because of this, vanilla has become a symbol of the whole country and a distinctive culture, since as we mentioned, it has been used for hundreds of years and nowadays, it is part of a great variety of recipes, such as ice creams, cookies, cakes, sandwiches, sweet creams, and beverages.


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Benefits of Natural Gourmet Vanilla Extract.

Likewise, vanilla has a great number of properties, besides being a flavoring, which has made it an indispensable product in the homes of all Mexicans and foreigners.

Below, we will detail 5 ways in which you can take advantage of such a wonderful gourmet extract if consumed naturally:

  1. Vanilla works as a nervous system stimulant, so it is an excellent measure to relax and improve your mood, as well as relieve depression and anxiety.
  2. Another of its benefits are its anti-inflammatory properties, which greatly help to relax muscles and soothe pain.
  3. Also, this Mexican ingredient stands out for its ability to reduce cholesterol, so by consuming natural vanilla extract, you will not only enjoy an excellent flavor, but you will also prevent cancer and other diseases, such as: improve digestion, reduce inflammation in your liver, increase your immune system and strengthen your respiratory tract.
  4. Vanilla as a natural analgesic. This ingredient also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help prevent infections, so if you have bad breath, halitosis or bad taste in your mouth, consuming it regularly will bring you great benefits.
  5. Finally, vanilla as a source of beauty is something you won’t want to miss, since you can take advantage of its antioxidants to look better, helping you heal better, reduce your appetite, stimulate hair growth, repair your skin, etc.


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Now that you know some of the main benefits that natural vanilla has for you and your body, it’s time to purchase the extract to sweeten your days and give a distinctive touch to your recipes.

Our Vanilla is elaborated through an artisanal process, where the vanilla beans have been left to age for two years to highlight their aromatic properties, resulting in a 100% organic and coumarin-free product. Find it here!

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