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Alebrijes: Traditional Art of Mexico

Find out all about Alebrijes, brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures!

If you are visiting Mexico, you may have seen the so famous Alebrijes, creatures of various shapes, famous for their colors and meanings. Read on and find out why they are nowadays a symbol of Mexican art!


What are Alebrijes?

Alebrijes are imaginary creatures of very bright colors inspired by animals and with very particular forms of them: horns, wings, tails, teeth, bulging eyes, etc., creating a combination of them in a single body.

Nowadays, these figures are elaborated by Mexican artisans, who transform them into beautiful decorative pieces, ideal for gifts.

los cinco soles alebrijes


Origin of the Alebrijes.

These fantastic creatures have their origin in the dreams of Pedro Linares Lopez, an artisan of Oaxaca origin, who thought that these creatures were a representation of death. Later, he transferred these dreams to cardboard and wood figures, where he added bright colors, to finally turn them into collector’s items that have become internationally popular, continuing Pedro’s legacy into the 21st century.


Why are Alebrijes so important in Mexico?

These mystical figures have been awarded several prizes, since they combine popular art with professional painting and sculpture techniques, so much so that an annual Alebrijes parade and the contest is held, sponsored by the Museum of Mexican Popular Art.

Likewise, the importance of these mystical beings lies in the fact that most Mexicans take them as a spiritual guide since each Alebrije is unique and different meanings are given depending on the animal and its colors, such as protection, love, empathy, positive emotions, joy, etc.

alebrijes los cinco soles cozumel


The home of the Alebrijes is in Cozumel and is called Los Cinco Soles!

If your curiosity to learn more about Alebrijes has been piqued, maybe it’s time to purchase one at Los Cinco Soles Cozumel, a popular Mexican arts and crafts store, founded more than 30 years ago. 

Here you will find a large collection of these mystical figures, of all colors and sizes, that will serve as protective beings in your home or as gifts for your loved ones. Your spiritual Alebrije is waiting for you, visit us!


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