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5 Must haves for a “Posada”… the Christmas celebrations in Mexico

If you have never been lucky enough to be invited to a Posada, an unparalleled Christmas Celebration in Mexico, at Los Cinco Soles, we don’t want you to miss out on all of this fun so we have made a summary of the 5 must-haves to enjoy a memorable Posada, this Christmas Party Mexican style to leave no room for questions.

But let us elaborate on this Christmas Party in Mexico

As you may know, the word “posada” in Spanish means inn or lodging, but the Posadas we want to describe here are these Christmas traditional celebrations on nine nights from December 16 to 24. Posadas began in Mexico by the year 1600, as an opportunity for the Spanish priests to show the native people about Christmas so they would include representations of Mary and Joseph in their masses and a party that followed where they would break a piñata.

Nowadays in Mexico, the word Posadas represents rather the memories of unforgettable nights getting together with family and friends to sing, enjoy a warm meal. And you can never have enough  guests for this Mexican Christmas gathering because the more people, the merrier the celebration is.

1.  Singing

sinsing cinco soles

That’s how this Mexican Christmas party usually begins, dividing your guests in two groups to do some singing. Some people can remain inside the house as if they were the innkeepers, and the others will have to go outside as Mary and Joseph re-enacting Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay the night Jesus was about to be born. More modern posadas also include Christmas carols, or Karaoke to keep the party going until dawn.

2.     Piñatas

pinastas sinco soles

There can’t be a Christmas Party in Mexico without a Piñata. Just remember to fill it with wrapped candy and even plastic little toys, not fruit, because the purpose is to share the joy, not to leave a mess.

3.  Ponche Navideño

ponche navideno sinco soles

What a wonderful idea! A Ponche Navideño is a Mexican Christmas Fruit Punch, hot, and flavorful because of its ingredients that can include Mexican hawthorn, sugarcane, apple, guava, and cinnamon sticks. Varying from region to region, some people add a bit of alcohol when served.

4.- Games

This Chritmas Mexican gathering is a perfect opportunity to play fun, outdoor games like seek and run, balloon popping, sack jumping and singing and dancing contests, to mention some.

5.-  “Aguinaldos”

aguinaldo sinco soles

Let’s not forget about these little candy bags that as a host, you will have to prepare for your guests as a souvenir of all the fun of your Mexican Christmas party. And our sweet premium candy of Los Cinco Soles is what you want to share with your guests at the end of the night.

Now, you know, this Christmas party in Mexico features hot food and drinks, sweets, music, and piñatas so you can agree with us that it’s ideal to pay us a visit at Los Cinco Soles in Cancun, Cozumel and Merida, Mexico if you want to make your Christmas gathering even more special, because our regional premium candy and chocolate will make a difference for the most discerning guest. Nowadays, other countries such as: Guatemala, Colombia have their own Posadas including their local traditions so feel free to throw your own Posada. No matter where you live, a Posada, your Christmas Party Mexico’s style, will add to the joy of Christmas.


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